dubbb said: I recently stopped eating meat because of you.. and I wanted to say thank you (:

That’s cool, I guess. I’m not a big vegetarian crusader or anything. I’m not even completely a vegetarian and certainly not a vegan. I like seared tuna steak. Yummy. I do occasionally eat fast food. My personal nadir is the Burger King Whopper. I definitely try to stay away from it, though, and am usually very successful.

I agree with a lot of the philosophy behind vegetarianism/veganism, much more so than with the no-holds-barred, everything-is-hunky-dory philosophy of the other side. Animals are treated cruelly in the production of meat, especially in the U.S, where it’s been totally mechanized. Chickens are packed in cages without even room to turn around. They are kept in the total dark and stand in their feces waiting to die. Cows are fed genetically modified corn (cuz it’s cheap! high five, America!), a substance which doesn’t exist in nature and which their systems did not evolve to handle. Thus, their immune systems break down and they have to be pumped full of hormones and antibiotics to keep them “healthy”. E. Coli, by the way, is very rare among grass-fed cattle. Additionally, meat factories are extremely damaging to the planet in a bunch of different ways.

But I don’t think fast food should be banned or taxed differently or zoned out of certain neighborhoods. I don’t care how people eat.

I just retain the right to mercilessly mock whoever I want.


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