An Ode by Del Gue, circa 1850

Ain’t this somethin?
I told my Pap and Mam
I was comin to the mountains to trap
and to be a mountain man.
Acted like they was gut shot.
Says, “Son, make your life go here,
here’s where the peoples is.
Them mountains is for animals
and savages.”
I says, “Mother Gue, the Rocky Mountains
is the marrow of the world.”
By God, I was right.

I ain’t never seen em,
but my common sense tells me
the Andes is foothills
and the Alps is for children to climb.
These here is God’s finest sculptures
and there ain’t know laws
for the brave ones
and there ain’t no asylums
for the crazy ones
and there ain’t no churches,
cept for these’n right here,
and there ain’t no priests,
cept in the birds.
By God, I’m a mountain man.

Keep your nose in the wind
and your eyes along the skyline.

Tags: poetry