Why are so many things seminal?

We were just talking about seminal punk bands. The Damned, for instance, is a seminal punk band. The Ramones, of course. You can’t get much more seminal than the Ramones.

Seminal comes from the word SEMEN, meaning SEMEN-like or in the manner of SEMEN. The Ramones are the wad shot round the world as far as punk goes.

There are many other seminal punk bands: the Exploited, seminal Scottish punk. Agent Orange, seminal OC punk. On and on.

Why semen, though? Why aren’t the Ramones a vaginal punk band? People tell you that it takes two people to make a kid, but it doesn’t. All it takes is one woman and a little cum. Surely the Runaways weren’t a seminal punk band?

I think we are greatly over-valuing SEMEN with this particular adjective. It’s gotta be that whole patriarchy thing, amirite?

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