If there are still guns at the end of gun control, then gun control is bullshit.

It’s a worthless ploy, designed to make liberals feels better. The conservatives, despite being dumb as rocks, are right about one thing: GUN CONTROL WILL ONLY AFFECT LAW-ABIDING PEOPLE. Criminals don’t give two shits about the laws Obama’s proposing and I can tell you for a fact they are not lining up to follow any gun control laws that might get passed.

The problem is that we are gun-ridden in this country. There are guns everywhere, MILLIONS of them. You can improve background checks, you can ban assault rifles, and it will not matter one fucking bit.

All guns have to be removed from our society or we’re just fooling ourselves, we’re just stomping our feet and passing useless laws that make us feel better.

Over a quarter of a million Americans have died by guns since the year 2000, and the real reason is that there are guns everywhere in this country, MILLIONS of them. That’s the only real reason, whether we admit it to ourselves or not.

So unless all guns are banned, gun control is just feel-good bullshit.

We love guns in this country, though. We will never ban them and probably couldn’t if we tried. So the fact is, those quarter of a million people, including many children, are simply sacrifices, the tiny little prices we must pay to the great god GUN.

A gun is a machine designed to do one thing and one thing only: KILL. We have more of these machines floating around in our society than in all other societies combined. Thus, hundreds of thousands of people, including lots of children, will die. It’s simple math.

We have three options:
1. Really change things by eliminating guns from our society.
2. Do nothing and thank all those people who have given their lives as sacrificial lambs so that we can have our guns.
3. Pretend like we’re doing something about all the terrible gun violence by passing bullshit laws to make us feel better about ourselves.

Obviously, we’re opting for #3, which is really just #2 dressed up in a nice, shiny suit of complete self-delusion.

Telling yourself a lie does feel good, I guess—especially if you are dumb enough to believe it.

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