do-over replied to your photo: Alaska Congressman uses ethnic slur to describe…

I can’t wait until all the people who really use terms like that in actual conversation are dead. Seriously. There’s no fixing that.

It won’t be long. Lookit this guy. He’s pretty crotchety. I hope people can change. Seriously. I myself have used—years ago—the terms “gay” and also “retard”. I’m man enough to admit it and pretty ashamed about it looking back. You would think that as a person gets older they get wiser, wouldn’t you? What is this guy, fucking 80?

Come on.

It’s a bullshit story, the whole “Well, in their generation that’s how they talked!” I’m a Gen Xer. We used “gay”  and “retard” to describe stupid shit. But not anymore.

Grow up, old man, and act like you’re 40.