Opinions are weird things and clearly dangerous.

Often, the holder of an opposing viewpoint will use the classic ad hominem attack. This is where they are incapable or too lazy to address your thoughts/ideas/opinions and instead go after you as a person.

This is how many of the readers of this blog respond to me. It’s adorably sophomoric and cute, but basically chickenshit.

Usually they style it in the form of “You just need more education.” In other words, “You’re stupid.”

"You just don’t understand/get it, etc…." Often they will provide a helpful link: "Check out this website/article that supports my flawed belief system and refutes your correct one…" Blah, blah.

Those with low self-esteem usually view a strong opinion they don’t agree with as a personal attack or a judgment. I find it extremely odd how some people are actually threatened by an opinion, and the overall response seems to be a general “keeping your opinion to yourself” kinda thing.

That’s chickenshit, though. Why proceed from fear? It’s bizarre how much we allow fear to run our lives.

Speak your mind and wear your face right on your head for all the world to see.