American Dream


My little brother has been doing Judo as a sport for the past couple years. He’s a bit chubby and slow so my dad hired one of the older boys from the studio to train with him outside of class. 

this boy, Musafar is about my age and as it turns out he and his mom immigrated here from Tajikistan a year ago. My dad and his friends are now pretty close with his mom since my dad immigrated here from Belarus and many of his friends are from Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. I’ve seen Musafar at a bunch of Judo tournaments, but I don’t really see his mom. 

His mom, Yldus works close to 12 hours a day for a wealthy family in an affluent suburb near my town. She and Musafar live in the families’ pool house. While Musafar is in city college, Yldus works as a home nurse for the owner’s mother. 

After over a year of hard work with no vacations or sick days, Yldus was getting pretty worn out. Last week, as she was lifting her client into the tub, she sprained her back. She went to the doctor and the doctor said she couldn’t work for at least a week without the risk of more serious damage. 

Yldus told this to the house owner about three days ago, and she promptly fired her. 

Yldus was also informed that if she intended to stay in the pool house for any longer, she would have to pay $65 dollars a day. 

My dad’s friend Anna helped Yldus find an apartment and the lease started yesterday. 

Here’s where the amazing display of inhumanity comes in.

My father and his friends came to help more Yldus and Musafar’s stuff yesterday afternoon. When they arrived, the house owner’s boyfriend (we’ll call him fuckface) informed my father that they cannot move any of her belongings since she apparently owed the owner $350. This was news to Yldus, who thought she only owed $130 for extra stay in the pool house. 

It turns out that despite the fact these people were living in a mansion in one of the nicest suburbs in the bay, they were not paying Yldus’ salary. They were getting the government to pay the agency that Yldus works for. Not only that but Yldus had to pay $35 from her salary back to the owner every month because the government was paying her more money than the owner had originally intended to give her. 

The reason Yldus owed $220 and not $35 dollars was because if they continued to receive money from the government for the next month until the new nurse comes, it would be taxed at a much higher rate than Yldus’ money (since their income is MUCH MUCH HIGHER).

Basically what I’m saying is. An affluent family refused not only to pay for their mother’s healthcare with their own money, but was ripping off the poor immigrant nurse who worked for them by letting her keep less than the government thought they owed for her work.

I forgot to add that when my father told fuckface that it was illegal to hold a person’s private property hostage when they are a legal resident, fuckface proceeded to block my dad’s car in the driveway so he could not leave. My dad actually had to call the cops to resolve the situation. 

Yldus is a legal immigrant. She worked 10-12 hours a day every day except half of Sunday for a year… and now she owes a well-to-do family $350, most of which was not even theirs in the first place.

This is what I call the American Dream. 

And we are supposed to be pro-Capitalism. Why again?