Sitting in Starbucks right now, a company that will announce shortly that it’s banning firearms in all its stores.

Yep, according to the paper this morning, Starbucks will be taking out a bunch of full page ads soon to tell the world not to bring its guns to the coffee shop. If a person shows up with a gun, they won’t be asked to leave, so it’s a “Don’t bring guns to our coffee shops unless you do!” kind of a thing.

I thought it was mildly amusing that a few minutes ago as I was in line getting my cafe latte, an armed police officer was behind me. Of course, I assume that police officers are exempt from the firearms ban.

Oh wait, so is everyone else.

Yes, I have started drinking cafe lattes now. It was only a matter of time, hanging out in all these coffee shops like I do. The caffeine hit from a small cafe latte is quite astounding—and I’m no stranger to caffeine. I drink a quart or more of green tea daily and green tea has comparable caffeine to coffee. But it seems to be slow release. This cafe latte shit is like mainlining.


So remember everyone: When you go to Starbucks, leave your guns at home—unless you don’t!

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