Charlie Chaplin’s full name

It’s very weird to almost know something…or to have once known it. Doing a crossword puzzle, that was the clue: Charlie Chaplin’s full name. I have done one crossword puzzle in my life, which happened on Sunday and part of today.

I will never do another. What a colossal waste of time.

But I stuck it out on this one and completed it. What was Charlie Chaplin’s full name? I used to know it. I used to know what his full name was. Don’t ask me why or how, but I DID.

Not anymore, though. Now all I know is that I knew it at one time. Very odd, to catch yourself in the middle of forgetting something. Those particular brain cells that held Charlie Chaplin’s full name are gone, and I am aware that they’re gone. Other brain cells are aware of the death of still other brain cells. Knowledge has been transformed from actual knowledge to simply knowledge that once existed.

So what happened? Did I burn through those particular brain cells at a Dead show or something? Not likely. I was never much of a hippie. I have been in the midst of several brutal mosh pits, though. Perhaps someone’s leather studded bracelet whacked me up side the head and POOF! Charlie Chaplin’s full name vanished from the inventory of completely useless shit I know.

I didn’t want to go to the computer. It felt like cheating. Instead, I sat there in my chair like a vast fucking loser and tried to conjure, summon, bring forth Charlie Chaplin’s full name from the ruins that are my mind.

To no avail.

I pieced it together by completing other clues, and when I saw it, CHARLESSPENCERCHAPLIN, I didn’t recognize it at all.

I used to know it, though, goddamn it.

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